Impact Web STudio

Impact Web Studio is a below-the-line agency, founded in 2012. We are intentionally a small company, run by a focused and goal oriented team. Our services include from graphic and web design, to full colour digital print, banners, vehicle branding, outdoor signage, as well as the supply and branding of promotional products and corporate clothing.

blessed soul creations

Growing with the trend, we added a new department to our already expanding company, sublimation printing. Sublimation printing, is a popular printing method for transferring images onto suitable materials. Sublimation is a process by which the ink used is printed on the piece of cloth by the application of heat. In this dyeing method, the colour first becomes gas with the help of heat and pressure. Then it is infused into the polyester fabric. This relief of the colour on the material of the fabric results in shirts and other garments that really stand out for their striking appearance.